Jr. Icemen 2024-2025 Season

The Junior Icemen and the Community First Igloo are excited to launch the third season of the Jr.Icemen, the youth program of the Jacksonville Icemen (ECHL). Coming off a successful 2023-24 season , the Jr. Icemen will offer Club teams from 8U-16U with the focus on growing, developing and positively impacting the players, families and community. 

The Jr.Icemen 2024-25 Season


We strive to grow the game of ice hockey in Northeast Florida while creating transformational experiences for all players and their families in a fun, safe and positive learning environment.


We are committed to providing beginners to experienced players with age-appropriate, elite programming that allows all players the opportunity to reach their potential and pursue their dreams.  Through discovery, learning and guidance we will develop better athletes and better people while creating lifelong memories, friendships and fans of the game.

Core Values 

  • Enjoyment
      - Every day we will have fun and enjoy the game we all love playing while fostering a deep sense of passion and purpose for the game of hockey.
  • Family -
      We feel love and compassion for our hockey family, teammates, coaches and the game and we use hockey to bring families and people closer together.
  • Commitment -
      We are committed to giving our best effort in all situations and meeting the challenges and opportunities the game provides us.
  • Transformation
    - We believe in growing and learning and understand that our ability to learn from our success and failures ultimately shape who we are and how we impact ourselves, teammates, the game and community.

Foundational Pillars

  • Club Culture
      - We are dedicated to growing, developing and fostering a fun, safe and positive learning environment for all players and families that encourages opportunities to learn transferable life lessons and skills through the game of hockey.
  • Player Pathway –
      All programs at the Igloo have a clear pathway of progression that allows families and players to see growth and long-term development. This will give everyone the ability to pursue their dreams and reach their fullest genetic potential regardless of their skill, background or starting point.
  • Elite Programming –
    From beginner to experienced player, we believe all abilities and ages of hockey players deserve world class training utilizing long term athlete development (LTAD) principles and age-appropriate training focusing on the latest in sport science.

Team Identity

  1. Puck Pursuit - players will pursue the puck with speed and with a “go for it” attitude looking to recover and gain possession of the puck at all times.
  2. Puck Possession - players are encouraged to be creative and “make plays” by controlling the puck and utilizing open teammates, not dumping it in or throwing it away.
  3. Puck Support - players work together to support each other and work to get open by putting themselves in good offensive and defensive positions on the ice. 

Coaching Philosophy


  1. All coaches will be a Double-Goal Coach, who strives to win (one goal), while pursuing the more-important goal of teaching life lessons through sports. 
  2. We believe that a unified coaching staff all working together for the betterment of all the players is the healthiest and maximizes players' experiences. We will use a group of coaches to work with all the teams and players during practice and games. 
  3. We are completely against the “win at all costs” mentality and are fully committed to developing all players utilizing long term athlete development principles and age-appropriate practices.
  4. We are dedicated to developing the whole athlete and focused on an athlete centered approach to learning. The coach is the guide in the player's journey with the focus on developing the physical, cognitive, social and emotional components of the athlete.
  5. We believe game-like learning is the most fun, best retained and ultimately has the most transfer to the real game of hockey. Learning through play will be a key aspect of the players’ experience.

Junior Icemen


Players Birth Year

Tryout Times

8U Navy, 8U White, 8U Black

2018, 2017, 2016

4/29 - 5:45pm , 5/1 - 5:45pm

10U1 , 10U2

2015, 2014

4/29 - 7:00pm , 5/1 - 7:00pm

12U1 , 12U2

2013, 2012

4/30 - 5:45pm , 5/2 - 5:45pm

14U1, 14U2

2011, 2010

4/30 - 7:00pm , 5/2 - 7:00pm


2009, 2008

4/30 - 8:15pm , 5/2 - 8:15pm



8 & Under (2016,2017,2018 birth year players)

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10 & Under (2014,2015 birth year players)

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12 & Under (2012,2013 birth year players)

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14 & Under (2010,2011 birth year players)

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16 & Under (2008,2009 birth year players)

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