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This award is given to the player that best exemplifies the traits of a “Triple Impact Competitor”.

The Triple-Impact Competitor athlete makes the following better around them: 

1) SELF: Make oneself better

2) TEAMMATES: Become a leader who makes those teammates better 

3) THE GAME: Guided by the ROOTS of Honoring the Game (respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self) to make the game better.

The Icemen Impact award winner exemplifies the core values of the organization at all times : 


FAMILY - We feel love and compassion for our hockey family, teammates, coaches and the game. We use hockey to bring families and people closer together.


COMMITMENT - We are committed to giving our best effort in all situations and meeting the challenges and opportunities that the game provides.

TRANSFORMATION - We believe in growing, learning and understanding that our ability to learn from our success and failures ultimately shapes who we are and how we impact ourselves, teammates, the game and the community.

2024 - 2025 AWARD WINNERS

8U White - Max Porter 

8U Black - Julian Divone 

8U Navy - Elliot Vezina

10U Lunas - Peyton Taggart

10U2 - Rocco Pollicino

10U1 - Sawyer Eidsmoe

12U Lunas - Aria Cushnie

12U2 - Elijah Larsen 

12U1 - Jude Danninger

14U2 - Ashton Gay

14U1 - Jason Klueppel

Coach Award - Katie Ryzhova