Junior Icemen 8 & Under Program

Age Group: 2015, 2016, 2017

Teams: 8U Navy, 8U Black, 8U White

Start Date: The week of August 14th

End Date: End of February

Roster: 8 - 10 skaters, Alternating  goalies, equal playing time

Purpose: At the 8-and-Under level, coaches should focus on teaching age- appropriate concepts and skills so that children have an enjoyable hockey experience while also developing as players and young people.

Focus Points: Fun, Engagement, Active Practices, Age-Appropriate Training (includes skills and concepts)

Icemen Experience: Each player will receive 2 tickets per season to preselected Icemen games. Players will also be provided with unique event experiences with the Icemen.

Game Rinks: Jamboree games are played throughout the state of Florida on some weekends.

Program: 2 On Ice practices and 1 off Ice practice weekly

Curriculum: All age groups follow a comprehensive 25-week on and off-ice curriculum focusing on age-appropriate training and proper player development guidelines. This will ensure all players have the opportunity to reach their full potential in a fun, challenging and positive learning environment.

Practice Focus: 

The goal of practice is to create the most fun, challenging, learning environment for players to enjoy the game and improve faster for performance in games. Game based learning is scientifically proven to be the best retained when acquiring skill, more transferable for optimizing development and performance. Practicing the perception (cognitive) and action (physical) movements “coupled” together allows players to learn in game-like situations. Every practice should be composed of the following:

  1. Fun & Engaging 
  2. High Activity (puck touches, movement)
  3. Game Like Situations (looks like the game)
  4. Decision Making
  5. Competition / Challenging 

No Practice dates: * subject to change 

Sept 4, Oct 31, Nov 23, Dec 18 - Jan 1, Jan 15, Feb 19       

Game Format: All 8U levels use half ice surface, 8U nets and blue pucks.

Games – All Jamboree games and Tournaments that will be added at a later date are NOT included in the Club fees.

Tournaments: Labor Day :  2 Tournaments per season, locations/dates - TBA         

* Note all locations for tournaments will be in the state of Florida or neighboring states with a drivable distance. Tournament locations are TBA and will depend on the level of team and tournament divisions offered at different rink locations. All tournament fees are NOT included in club fees.

Travel: All local in Florida

Team Communication/Schedule - Teamsnap app will be used.

Uniforms: All jerseys and merchandise are ordered on Uniform day, which includes reservation of jersey number.  More info will be emailed out after tryouts.

Jr.Icemen - 8U Equipment & Apparel requirements

  • Navy Helmet / helmet stickers
  • Navy Hockey pants or Pant Shell
  • Predominantly Navy Gloves (no conflicting colors)
  • Game Jersey Reversible
  • Game Socks (Blue)
  • Practice Jerseys (white & navy) - included
  • Practice Socks (white & navy) - inlcuded
  • Pant Shell (optional)
  • Tracksuit (optional)
  • Dryland Shorts & T Shirt (optional)
  • Equipment Bag (optional)
  • Polo Shirt (optional)
  • Jr.Icemen Hat (optional)